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The Quiet MillionaireWe heartily welcome you to our current give away of Brett Wilder's fantastic book "The Quiet Millionaire." This is one of the finest books which covers the entire gamut of personal finance. You can know more about it in details from our comprehensive review of the book. The Quiet Millionaire is listed at a price of US$ 24.95 and Canadian $28.95.

Wilder has over forty years of professional experience as a personal and business adviser and has helped thousands of individuals become what he calls "quiet millionaires". To quote him:
Being a quiet millionaire is a realistic aspiration if you are knowledgeable and diligent about becoming one.

Who is a quiet millionaire?

They are people with clear financial objectives who have set themselves on a path toward financial security. From goals in career, lifestyle, and education to retirement & estate planning, quiet millionaires are purposeful and forward thinking in how they spend and invest their money. They also know how to handle debt.

The Gist

Brett WilderWilder begins with a self discovery questionnaire which helps the audience to identify what about money is most important to them. He feels that knowing how we personally value money helps us to chart the directions we need to take in making life choices.

Then he guides us through various aspects of financial decision-making and ways to grow and protect our wealth from the early stages of our career through retirement. This book comprehensively covers topics like cash flow, assets, liabilities, taxes, investment, employee benefits, insurance health care, college funding, business ownership and how to keep money during retirement. Personal stories bring Wilder's points to life and illustrate the pitfalls and obstacles that many face in the journey to financial security.

Here is a comment from one of our readers about this book:
This is probably one of the best books I've ever read on personal finance, investing and just understanding the overall industry. I now understand why I need to do certain things and when. The advice is sound, easy to understand and I have personally found to be extremly successful. I will recommend this book to my business partners, family and friends. The college funding section was so eye opening, even though my children are past this need, I wish I would have read when they were younger it would have changed my planning. The retirement section was amazing and has changed my families life. Thank you, Thank you...a great resource and life changing book.

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