FREE iPhone App for Mint's Users

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FREE iPhone App for Mint's UsersMint has launched a free iPhone App for its users. This sure will make Mint the killer banking app for the iPhone mobile community. In case you use a different phone and want to know your bank's balance, you can set it up to receive alerts from via SMS. This will help you to get real time balances anytime.

Coming back to Mint's iPhone app, it delivers the same, simple yet powerful experience we get at right to our phone. It is updated automatically and provides us with the convenience of having real time access to our financial information anywhere.

Mint's FREE iPhone AppWe can track our budget and manage money on the go. And the best part is that unlike other apps, we don't need to enter our transactions. The app automatically syncs with all our online banking accounts to get our balances and transactions. Here are some key tasks the app helps us to perform:

» Check our credit card balances from that seemingly endless checkout line. We can also check the balances of our checking, savings, investments (including 401(k), brokerage and IRA) and loan accounts.

» Monitor our gifts budget in real time, in case our loved ones are burning up the plastic at another mall. Hmm......n now that is really useful :).

» Stay on top of our finances while traveling. We’ll know if our paycheck cleared without navigating our relative’s dial up service.

» Watch our investment performance, distributions and dividends. Helpful in deciding when it’s okay to sell and realize those capital losses, sadly :(.

» Check our monthly income vs. expenses instantly across all our accounts. We can also see the purchases we've made and deposits across all our accounts. The best part is we can track where we've spent money each month by splitting across categories like Food, Auto, Shopping, Bills or merchants like Walmart, Costco and more.

And if you are worried about security, Mint has implemented a neat feature for it. If we lose our phone or misplace it, we can deactivate the iPhone access from our profile at which will prevent unauthorized access to our phone. This is definitely comforting since the thought of losing an expensive gadget like the iPhone already brings an uncomfortable feeling in our tummy. We really love this cool app from Mint. You can check out Mint's site for more information. Enjoy!

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