Deals - Moving - Great Discounts for Budget & Penske Truck Rentals

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We are moving this month. While we were searching for good deals on truck rentals, we came across a 25% off a Budget Truck Rental. For out-of-state moves,25% off means a lot of savings - to the tune of hundreds of dollars.

Also, some truck rentals like Penske give great discounts to AAA members. Currently Penske is running a 10% off one-way rentals if the booking is done online. Penske turned out to be a winner for us because of the following reasons:

  • Immediate discount of 10% for booking our truck online.
  • An additional 10-15% discount for AAA members.
  • Their quote gave us the truck for 9 days while Budget offered their truck for 8 days - so we got one day extra at the same / lower price.
  • Penske offers unlimited miles on their truck rentals whereas Budget offers limited miles.
  • Penske is one of the few companies who rent out 12 foot trucks which turned out to be a perfect fit for us.
  • We have a feel that Penske trucks are better maintained than most other players in the moving industry. They do claim about the good maintenance of their fleets on their website. However we do not possess any quantitative / authoritative data which will prove that Penske's fleet are better maintained than their competitors.
One interesting fact that we observed during our research was that there were no coupons or discounts from UHaul. Looks like they have monopoly in this industry and consequently they do not need to attract customers with special deals or discounts !

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