Reports - Summer Wonders Of The Free Money Forest!

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We can look at all the bank and credit card sign-up bonus deals as fruits on different trees in a forest of Free Money. Each one of us can travel through this forest collecting fruits from various trees. After a certain period we end up gathering a basket full of fruits aka bonuses. Our travels through the Free Money forest this summer went on to create a beautiful basket full of bonus dollars. Please allow us to take you on our journey through the Free Money Forest. We trace through the period of April - June 2006.

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, led us in her month known as April. According to the Greek mythology Aphrodite holds great power over both mortals and immortals. She gave us a taste of her love, beauty and power by filling up our basket with a great bounty of seven bonuses. She held our hands and gently led us to a tree named Citibank Simplicity Credit Card Deals. On it we found two ripe and juicy fruits each worth $100. We picked them up and put them in our basket. Our basket's networth became $200.

We looked up to her and her beautiful eyes bade us to follow her on a secret trail. On this trail she brought us to the Netbank Deals tree. She guided our eyes to see three fruits, two of them ripe and juicy; the third one was a bit unripe. Goddess Aphrodite picked up the two ripe bonuses of $75 each and put them in our basket. In her enchanting voice she told us to come back next month and get the third fruit when it ripens. We did not know how to get back on the secret trail so our faces were perplexed. She smiled and eased us by saying that the Italian goddess Maia would help us find the Netbank Deals tree. Immediately we were thrilled and gazed joyfully at our basket whose networth had become $350!

Gazing at our joyful faces the ever merciful Aphrodite lead us on deeper into the jungle on her secret trail. We held onto her gown and followed her on thenarrow trail carefully watching every step lest we fell into the pits of too many credit inquiries. Suddenly the narrow trail ended and we were on a level plateau. On it was a beautiful green tree named Etrade Deals. This time we picked up the green fruit, a bonus of $50, by ourselves and put it in the basket. To our surprise Goddess Aphrodite herself gazed on our basket, whose networth had grown to $400, and whispered that there was more ahead!

Thrilled we followed her and soon she led us to another plant on the plateau. It was a small plant named HTHWorldwide Promotions. This plant was filled with tiny fruits. She told us to pick one particular ripe fruit, which was a bonus of $25. We obeyed her and the fruit made the networth of our basket $425! But that was not the end of it, Aphrodite said that later on, her Italian friend Maia would lead us to more fruits from this tree.

April was coming to an end but Goddess Aphrodite said that we still had room for another visit to a familiar tree. She lead us down the plateau to a valleywhere we had been to last October. She took us to the giant shady tree named Citibank Banking Deals. From it she plucked a bright red fruit which was a Citibank EZ Checking bonus of $50. We gazed at the basket which was now glowing with $475!

April ended. We looked up at Goddess Aphrodite with sad eyes as time to bid farewell had come. She gave us a wonderful hug and wiped away our tears. Then she handed us to her beautiful Italian friend Maia.She whispered that Maia will take care of us for the next month. Goddess Aphorodite said that she would look forward towards our visit to her again next year. We bade her goodbye and followed Maia into the next phase of our journey.

Maia is the Italian goddess of spring and daughter of Faunus. She took us into her fold and said that we needed to move. Taking us to a clearing with a raging waterfall she bade us to rest for a while since our basket was laden with heavy fruits. We rested with Maia. She helped us pack our belongings and prepared us for the move. Time flew by and one fine morning Maia said that we were ready to enter the Free Money forest to continue picking up fruits. As Goddess Aphrodite had predicted, Maia led us back to the plateau and helped us pick three ripe fruits from the small plant named HTHWorldwide Promotions. Each fruit was worth $25. Now our basket's networth had grown to $550.

We were joyous yet apprehensive that we would have to walk back on the narrow secret trail surrounded by the pits of credit inquiries. Reading our minds Maia said that we shall be taking a new path to reach the Netbank Deals tree where Aphrodite had earlier taken us. Wise as she is, she taught us that since we had already visited the tree and picked up fruits we need not go through the test of the narrow trail amidst the credit inquiries. Lo Behold! How true her words were, we arrived at the Netbank Deals tree in a flash and Maia pointed out the third unripe fruit which we had left behind. The fruit had become quite ripe and Maia herself picked up the CD opening bonus of $50. She winked at us; put it in our basket and smilingly told us that its networth had gone up to $600.

Suddenly there was a flash of brilliant light and from it emanated the beautiful Goddess Juno . Maia said that her month May had ended and Juno will guide us through the month of June. She also enlightened us about Juno by introducing her as the goddess of marriage and the well-being of women. She is the wife of the ruler of the Gods, Jupiter, and the mother of Mars. We thanked Maia for all that she had done for us and kissed her goodbye.

Juno smiling held our hands and said that we shall be visiting a new part of the forest with her. We were very excited about seeing new lands and trees. Juno took us back to the valley beneath the plateau through a different route and bade us to rest. We saw the familiar giant shady tree named Citibank Banking Deals where Aphrodite had brought us earlier. We went to the tree and picked up another bright red fruit of Citibank EZ Checking bonus of $50. Juno smiled at us and said that our basket was worth $650!

After resting for a while, we followed Juno to a new part of the forest which was covered with trees named Costco-Sharebuilder Deals. She told us to pick up one lone fruit from one of the trees. We followed her advice and added a $65 Sharebuilder sign-on bonus to our basket. This was the last fruit of the tree. We looked around and saw that though all the trees had the same name, they bore different types of fruits. The tree which gave us her last fruit of the season referred us to one of her sisters who was laden with a slightly smaller but same kind of fruit. Juno thanked the tree heartily. Next, following the bounteous tree's referral, Goddess Juno led us to the tree's sister. Very gently Juno plucked a fruit which was a $55 Sharebuilder sign-on bonus from the sister tree. As the tree was laden with a lot of fruits it thanked Juno for being gentle with her and not disturbing her other fruits. Juno said that since she was the Goddess of well-being of women, she knew how take care of a mother and her children. Grateful at Goddess Juno's care and love, the tree blessed us with a whole heart and told us that our basket was now worth a whopping $770!

We were overwhelmed with gratitude at Juno's gentle care and sensitivity. She smiling caressed our grateful young faces and told us that the next phase of the journey through the Free Money forest would be guided by King Julius Caesar in the month of July and King Augustus Caesar in August. Goddess Juno said that our basket of $770 was all that we were destined to collect for the months of April, May and June. Then she rested us for a while before guiding us to the Temple of Charity. God Almighty blessed our pure hearts, and we made an offering of the entire basket of bonuses worth $770 at the altar of Charity. Like earlier times, we felt that, through this summer journey with Goddesses Aphrodite, Maia and Juno, God had satisfied one of our deepest desires of lending a helping hand to our needy fellow souls. We are grateful to Him and all His instruments for having provided us these opportunities to do so.

Free Money Collection for Quarter 2 - 2006
Figure 1: Free Money Collection for Quarter 2 - 2006