Free Money - Bank Of America Is Offering a $100 Discount For A Dell Computer Purchase!

This is a sweet deal from Bank of America. If you have an account with Bank of America, you can enroll yourself in online banking (for those who are not yet online customers). In return BOA is offering $100 to you when you buy a Dell PC. This is to get their customers started on the online banking experience. This is a great offer for those customers who do not own a computer yet.


  1. Offer
  2. Enroll in online banking
  3. Buy your Dell
  4. Get your $100

Fine Print:

"To qualify for the $100 cash rebate, the customer must have one or more products with Bank of America, enroll in Online Banking (new enrollments only) between 10/30/06 and 1/19/07 and purchase a Dell computer through between 10/30/06 and 1/19/07. The customer must then submit a rebate request through and supply the Dell Service Tag number, full name, home mailing address, and Online ID. If the customer meets the requirements above, they will receive a direct deposit of $100 into their checking or savings account within 60 days of submitting the rebate. If the customer does not have a checking or savings account with Bank of America, a check will be mailed to the address on record with the bank within 60 days of submitting the rebate."

If you do not have an account with Bank of America, you can get one today. They are offering great online deals: $100 for opening a checking account and $50 for opening a savings account with them. But hurry, the deadline for these deals is Dec 31, 2006.

In case Dec 31 goes by and you still need to open an account with BOA, do not worry. If you wish, you may request a referral from us and that will get you started with $25 as a referral bonus.

We wish happy online banking and a cool Dell computer purchase to our audience.

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