New United Airlines Mileage Expiration Policy!

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We received a note from United Airlines which said that our UAL miles will expire if the account is inactive for 18 months. We felt this news is worth sharing with our audience, more so after our shocking experience with Trip Rewards.

To quote United:

"Mileage Plus accounts that have not earned or redeemed miles since July 1, 2006 will have associated miles expire on December 31, 2007. We offer lots of ways to keep your account active:
  • fly on United or one of its 28 airline partners
  • purchase products or services from more than 100 travel and retail partners
  • get and use a Mileage Plus® Visa® credit or debit card
  • redeem miles for award travel to one of the 841 destinations United and its partners serve
  • redeem miles for merchandise, hotel stays and dining
  • transfer miles to another Mileage Plus member
  • donate miles to the Mileage Plus Charity Miles program
Click here for the complete FAQs.

With this new expiration policy, our most loyal customers will compete with fewer people for FREE travel on United. That's great news for you! We appreciate your business."

We appreciate UAL's note but feel that the earlier policy of non expiring miles was hassle free and better!

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