Firstrade Lowers Options Pricing & Receives #1 Ranking!

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FirstradeWe received a note from Firstrade informing us that options trading at Firstrade has become easier and less expensive than ever. Effective May 8, 2007, commissions for options trading will be as follows:
  • $6.95 plus only $0.75 per contract.
  • Complex Options Trades will only incur one commission charge of $6.95 (for both legs) plus $0.75 per contract.
  • Options Exercise and Assignment charges have been reduced to $16.95.
This lowering in option commissions clearly puts Firstrade at the forefront of low cost online brokers. Combined with the recent release of Complex Options Trading Platform makes Firstrade a super destination for options investors and traders.

Firstrade was recently ranked as the #1 online broker by Kiplinger. With this new first place ranking, Firstrade continues to hold the top spot and provide low cost brokerage services to its customers.

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