E-ZPass With Budget Car Rentals!

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We are in the midst of planning for our forthcoming cross country tour of US this summer. This is our fourth tour but our enthusiasm knows no bounds. We are actively looking forward towards it. Often we have found that on the east coast the tolls hold us up and the long lines can be quite frustrating. Since we use rental cars for our tours we cannot install the E-ZPass automatic payment chips on our vehicles' windshields.

So we were extremely pleased when we came across this deal from Budget which offers the convenience of automatic E-ZPass payment at an affordable rate of $1.50 per day. This will enable us to use the E-Z Pass lanes and breeze through without having to wait in the long lines or count change to pay tolls.

Budget's sales pitch:
"Rent an E-ZPass-equipped vehicle and for only an additional $1.50 for each day you access a tollway – and the cost of tolls, to avoid highway congestion and sail through toll booths with E-ZPass! Your toll will be collected automatically, and charges will appear on your credit card statement as Highway Toll Administration. It’s simple, safe and secure!

No need to reserve in advance – just inquire at the rental counter. To opt in once you’re in your Budget vehicle, just slide open the door of the E-ZPass or I-Pass transponder box located on the windshield, and leave the box open to use E-ZPass at every tollbooth."
In case you are moving this summer, here is a good deal: 25% off coupon on Budget's rental trucks.

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