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HOT CREDIT CARD DEALS Much has been written about the negative aspects of using a credit card. We have a different opinion. Credit cards are inert plastic entities. They do not carry positive or negative traits with them. The trouble arises if we fall prey to temptations while using our cards. If we use them with discipline and care then they are very beneficial for our monetary transactions. The key words here are discipline and care. These tenets help us to pay off our credit card bills completely every month. In other words they help us stay within our limits of affordability.

HOT CREDIT CARD DEALSWe cannot imagine a life without credit cards. Let us try to imagine a scenario where we need to make some big purchases. If we had no credit cards then we would have to go to a physical bank to withdraw money, then carry loads of cash to a store and finally make a purchase! Not only that, our transactions would not be protected against fraud nor would we get any cash back from our purchases. And God save us if we chose to return a merchandise. We have to carry all the cash back to a bank or ATM to deposit it! Now extend the above scenario to transactions in foreign countries. Credit cards definitely save us time, effort and facilitate neat world wide transactions. With debit cards we are limited to only $500 or less in most cases. Personal checks are an option, however not all places accept them, specially, when shopping in foreign countries.

HOT CREDIT CARD DEALSEvery year we collect a couple of thousand dollars in sign-up bonuses from credit cards and banks. So we keep an eye on the best offers available. At present we have compiled a list of some cool sign-up bonuses for various credit cards which amount to $500 (cash or merchandise) in total.

But before you sign-up for the cards, evaluate your credit rating and your ability to stay away from unnecessary purchases on credit. If credit cards spoil your habit of staying on course according to a budget, it is advisable to use a debit card or cash. For those of us who want some free money, here are some great deals!

$100 Gift Card - Citi Pro Master Card$100 Gift Card from Citi Professional Mastercard
  1. Deal & Our Review
  2. Our Experience: After our first purchase, an automatic credit of 10,000 thank you points was awarded to us. We used the points to order two $50 Shell gas cards. This is a good rewards card for those on the road, since it offers 3% cash back on gas, restaurants and auto rentals.
Citi Diamond Mastercard$50 Gift Card from Citi Diamond Mastercard
  1. Deal & Our Review
  2. Our Experience: After our first purchase, an automatic credit of 6,000 thank you points was awarded to us. We used the points to order a $50 Target gift card. Citi Diamond is one of the best cards for cash back since it offers 5% for gas, drugstore and supermarket purchases. This card can be used for household purchases.

We hope that these deals are useful for those of us who are looking for Free Money from credit card sign-up bonuses. Please let us know about your experiences. We shall try to frequently update this list with more cool deals as and when we find them. Happy Bonuses to one and all!

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