US Airways is going to charge $ for window and aisle seats!

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$ for seats In Feb 2008 US Airways had announced that they are going to charge a $25 fee for the second bag that we check in. In short, from May 5th they'll allow one checked bag and one carry on bag per passenger. But now thing have gone from bad to worse. We'll have to pay extra money for window and aisle seats in front rows!

Starting May 7, US Airways'll introduce a new concept of Choice Seats where we can select aisle and window seats in the first several rows of the coach. We'll have the option to purchase a Choice Seat assignment during Web Check-in (from 24 hours and up to 90 minutes prior to departure).

That means aisle and window seats are likely to still be available even for last minute travelers but we'll have to pay a fee for it. The price for Choice Seats will vary by destination and length of flight. For example, if we’re flying from Los Angeles to Philadelphia with a connection in Charlotte, we may purchase a Choice Seat for the first flight to Charlotte and another Choice Seat for the second flight to Philadelphia.

Choice Seats are available on all US Airways operated flights except the US Airways Shuttle and Colgan operated Saab 340 aircraft.

Dividend Miles Preferred members have the benefit of reserving a Choice Seat assignment free of charge. Preferred Members also have exclusive access to exit row seats.

But wait all is not lost yet.

Choice Seats represent approximately eight percent of US Airways-operated coach seat assignments. The remaining 92 percent are assigned free of charge any time after purchasing a reservation.

We feel that given a choice we'll not fly US Airways. All these policies are making life constrictive and more expensive. Let us know how you feel about this new policy from US Airways.

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