Custom Logo Design with LogoBang

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Jan 03, 2009: The present times demand companies to have sleek Web 2.0 designs with media rich websites and fashionable logos for credibility. A new company with a good product might not gain much popularity and trust if its website and presentation are crappy. In short, we have to create a fantastic brand image to get our products and company off the board.

Apart from having a killer product, the first step in the branding process is a cool unique and attractive logo with a catchy tag line. That means we need custom logo design. This is where Logobang can help us.

Logobang is a company with experienced professionals and illustrators who create our logo based on our input right from the scratch. That helps in keeping our logo unique to a certain degree. Else in this electronic age, various logo generator software packages can churn out tonnes of logos with similar look and feel! Logobang provides its clientele with sample logos in a couple of business days. Then based on our feedback they revise and deliver our final logo. Some of their packages come with unlimited revisions. But all of their deals provide multiple image formats for our logos.

They have a money back guarantee if we don't like the final outcome. However they do deduct an administrative fee before they refund our payment. Some additional services that they offer along with logo creation are website design, custom stationery printing and marketing campaigns. Logobang's services as a logo maker are pricey because they guarantee quality. Their starter package costs $95 and comes with 4 samples for one logo design with at most 2 revisions. However, Logobang has an impressive portfolio and a branded established clientele. So if we are focusing on quality perhaps we have to shell out a few extra dollars for that "Wow" factor!