Dean Graziosi’s Real Estate Investor Network

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Jan 05, 2009: Dean Graziosi (pronounced as say Gra-zee-oh-see) is a real estate investing expert who teaches people how to earn money in real estate by quick and easy identification of cycles in the real estate market. Buying and selling automobiles he became a successful investor when he was just 16. Then he moved on to real estate whereby he has generated millions of dollars as an investor and retired early (just before he stepped into his thirties). At present, he continues to invest in real estate.

Dean GraziosiDean looks back and feels blessed that he was gifted with a "can do attitude." When he was a kid, his mom literally worked two jobs that earned her about $90 a week. They could not afford an apartment, so they lived in the only trailer park in town. He and his sister had hand-me-downs. Their mom drove such a junk car, that they would make her drop them off two blocks away from school to stop other kids from making fun of their car. At the age of 16, Dean started making money by trading cars. Using the same concepts, a couple of years later he started his real estate investing career. He purchased his first rental unit which was a run-down apartment building and renovated it into a profitable piece of property. From that humble beginning, he grew his real estate properties which are worth millions of dollars today. Dean is still a thriving and successful real estate investor.

What makes Dean different?

Dean Graziosi didn’t have a lot of mentors in his life, but even at a young age, he truly believed that whatever he wanted to do, he could do. He admits that though it might appear silly, but perhaps that silliness to believe that he could do anything was what allowed him to be successful. No matter what obstacles he faced, when he decided to accomplish something, he believed he could do it. When people looked at him and thought “you’re crazy, or nuts” he became more secure. He felt how could he grow if he did not step out of his comfort zone?

Other than his amazing success, Dean is unique because he provides practical guidance to others who want to make money investing in real estate. He does not promise overnight success, and he won't tell people that it's "easy." What he will do is provide people with specific steps he'd take when buying and selling property, from how to spot a good investment to what to say in a classified ad. His "secrets to success" are no secret. Dean gives them to people through a series of infomercials, books, and programs that are designed to help people do what he did: become a real estate millionaire.

In May 2006, Dean Graziosi self published and released his first book "Totally Fulfilled," which explains Dean’s "core" approach to optimal results, success and fulfillment in all areas of life. Totally Fulfilled hit the best-seller list. His second book “Be A Real Estate Millionaire: Secret Strategies for Lifetime Wealth Today” published by Vanguard Press quickly became the fastest selling real estate investing book in the country. It is a simple, straight forward real estate investing guide for people who want to know how they can use the same strategies Dean has been using for over a decade. In this book he reveals seven keys to hidden real estate values, five types of real estate markets, and techniques that help to minimize our risks and maximize our profits.

Now we are fortunate enough to access Dean's wisdom on the web through Dean Graziosi’s Real Estate Investor Network. This website serves as a mini social network and currently has over 12,000 registered users. Here students of the book as well as expert real estate investors come together to share tips, get help, unfurl secrets & strategies, and bare their successful deals. The site's forums provide high quality information based on real life experiences. It also provides the ability for its users to ask questions to Dean. Another interesting feature is "Success Stories" where people tell their share of success in real estate earned by diligent application of Dean's concepts and processes. As with most present day successful websites, this site comes with a blog where Dean writes several useful "how to" articles periodically. In addition there are several member blogs too. Dean has also provided a host of useful tools and resources for his students. Among these we loved a series of videos titled "Deal of the Month." Long story short, if you are looking to get started in real estate, Dean's site is definitely worth checking out.

Dean Graziosi currently operates several successful ventures, and has properties in locations spanning from New York to Arizona. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and travels extensively, helping people throughout the US to achieve their own dreams of success and fulfillment.