Online Checking Accounts: Part 4 - HSBC's Online Payment Account

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This week's prima donna is HSBC's Online Payment Checking Account. This is a brand new product from HSBC which was introduced on 31st May, 2007. Without wasting any time, let us explore its features:
  • APY: 2.50% - Even your spending money will be helping you save.
  • Instant Transfers to HSBC's Online Savings Account
  • Free Bill Pay
  • ATM/Debit Card
  • Online Account Opening
  • You control who you pay and when. Add as many companies or people as you like.
  • Pay electronically. It’s paperless, fast and efficient.
  • If you use a non-HSBC ATM in the U.S., you will be reimbursed the first 3 ATM surcharge/convenience fees each month.
  • Secure Online Banking: Your information is password protected and encrypted with the latest security technology.
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HSBC is FDIC insured and has a 3 star rating by Bankrate which means that it is a performing financial institution. If you wish, you may further check its credentials and performance using the steps listed here.

This is a new product from HSBC so we have to wait and watch its performance. But since it comes from a trusted and well established brand like HSBC, it will definitely fare well. For those who already have an Online Savings Account with HSBC, this checking account is a blessing. However, compared to IngDirect's Electric Orange Checking and Everbank's Free Net Checking accounts HSBC's Online Payment Account has a low APY. This might prevent many potential customers from switching to this product.

That is it for this week. Join us next week for the fifth part of this series.

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