$100 Online Checking Account Bonus Received From Bank of America!

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bankOfAmerica-LogoIn January this year we had written about receiving a $50 sign-up bonus from Bank of America (BOA) for opening a savings account with them in Dec 2006. However we had also written that we had not received a $100 bonus for opening an online checking account with them using this deal. This was funny since the checking account was opened in Oct 2006, so its bonus should have arrived earlier!

When we pursued the issue diligently with BOA for a couple of months it was revealed that the bonus code 100MYA was for a $100 sign-up bonus for opening an online MYAccess Checking account. But we had opened a regular checking account instead! We politely pursued the case pleading the fact that the deal did not specifically mention which type of checking account had to be opened! From experience we had learnt to keep a pdf copy of each deal that we used. Quickly we pulled up the details of the deal and read it to the customer service representative. She politely assured us that they would open a research case and try to give us the bonus.

A couple of weeks after the research case was opened, we received an email notification of having opened a new regular checking account. We figured that perhaps BOA's system had to show our existing account as a new regular checking account to make us eligible for the bonus. Our hunch was correct.

Three weeks after that we received a $100 credit in our checking account. Perseverance had paid off thought it took 6 months to get the bonus! We whole heartedly appreciate the fact that BOA's customer service honored their word in granting us the bonus.

In the end we are happy since we got our bonus albeit in a complicated way. From this experience we learnt that when things do not work out as they are expected to, it really pays to have an electronically stored version of the deal we had signed up for along with detailed logs of each conversation that we had with the customer service representatives. It is also important to read the fine print carefully! Hope this experience helps our audience in planning and executing their bonus sign-up deals.

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