Free Burgers At Burger King!

FREE Burger
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Bank of America has tied up with Burger King to promote the use of their Visa Check or Credit Cards. If you have a checking account ($100 sign-up bonus) with them, make sure that you have a BOA Visa Check or Credit Card.

Without further delay, here are the details about getting a FREE MEAL at Burger King with every 10th purchase on your BOA Visa Check / Credit Card:
  • Register
    • To get every 10th purchase free, register your valid BOA Visa Check or Credit Card at Also, it helps to read the fine print.
  • Use your registered Visa card
    • Make 10 purchases with your registered BOA Visa Check or Credit Card at any participating BURGER KING restaurant from June 1 to August 31, 2007.
  • Get a credit
    • A future BOA checking account or credit statement will show a credit for the amount of your 10th purchase at Burger King upto a $7.00 max. value.
BOA's selling pitch is really funny "Every 10th purchase is on Visa. It's the fastest way to get a FREE MEAL..... And you can do it again and again and again!"

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