2013's Best of FIRE Finance

Goodbye 2013 - Welcome 2014Dec 31, 2013: Soon it'd be time to bid adieu to 2013 and cheerfully welcome 2014 with renewed hopes and enthusiasm. Perhaps now is the moment to re-evaluate our strategies, risk taking capacities and garner a fresh perspective on how to invest in 2014. In short, we need to re-prioritize our goals to keep our investing strategies on track.

2013 was a great year of sharing our thoughts with you. In that spirit of sharing, here are our best posts from 2013. We've chosen best posts from a handful of categories (sorted alphabetically) to keep this list pithy.
Banking & Budgeting

» A Simple Budget That Works?

» What is Current Inflation Rate?

» Check Scam - Don't Be A Victim

» Direct Deposit - What constitutes one?

» Americans Living Without Bank Accounts?
Career & Credit

» Four Quick Ways to Build A Strong Credit Rating

» Want To Be A Millionaire? Follow the YAWN Philosophy
Early Retirement

» How to Turn $5000 into $22 million? Lessons From One Successful Individual Investor

» Early Retirement Case Study - Sandy Aldridge and Dale Lugenbehl

» 15 Financial Failings That Will Prevent An Early Retirement
Frugal Tips

» Generic Drugs are Cheaper - A Complete Guide

» Top 7 Energy Saving Tips for this Summer

» Back To School - Super Savers Guide

» Top 10 Dollar Store Buys

» How to Remove Burnt Smell from a Microwave?

» Prevent Auto Theft & Home Burglary with Affordable Anti Theft Devices

» Frugal Creative Gift Ideas for Holiday Cards

» Should the State Make Our Will? Better Not!

» Total versus Annual Returns

» TIPS for Inflation and Deflation

» Tax FREE Money Market Mutual Funds - MUNIs

Taxes & Debt

» Donating An Old Car May Not Be Tax Deductible

» Short on Tax Money - File an Extension or Pay in Installments

» Three Quick Steps To Get Out of Debt

» Personal Loans - How to Borrow Money Responsibly?

» 10 Smart iPhone Apps that will Save you Money

Fabulous BloggingWe truly enjoyed blogging at FIRE Finance amidst several personal challenges. Your support keeps us going. Please let us know how we can improve further and what topics you'd like us to cover next year.

We are looking forward towards a fabulous year of blogging in 2014. Three Cheers!

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