Reports - Free Money Collection in Quarter 3 of 2006

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We do apologize for the delay in publishing a report for our Free Money Collections for the third quarter of 2006. While doing our taxes this year we finally got hold of all figures for bonuses from various bank accounts and credit cards.

Figure 1: Free Money Collection for Quarter 3 - 2006

The third quarter of 2006 saw us collecting a booty of $910! This is way higher than $499 and $770 that we collected in the first and second quarters of 2006 respectively. Figure 1 shows the details of the collection. In a nutshell our booty's contents came from:
In our report surveying collections for the second quarter for 2006, we had written that we hoped to be guided to great treasures in the Free Money Forest by King Julius Caesar in the month of July, King Augustus Caesar in August and the Goddess of wealth in September. Well we are grateful that it did turn out that way in reality. These great souls filled our basket of collections with a whopping $910!

Like earlier times we served fellow souls on this planet by donating our third quarter collections of $910 at the altar in the temple of charity. Our souls are overjoyed at the fact that we could lend a helping hand to those in need during our brief sojourn at this beautiful planet. We thank the Almighty heartily for giving us the opportunities to serve our fellow souls this quarter. Hopefully we will be able to serve Mother Earth and her children with great enthusiasm in the next quarter too.

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